Our Story

In 2014 I married the most wonderful man in the whole wide world. We had a billion hopes and dreams for the years to come and eagerly looked forward to the bright future ahead of us. Our first hope and desire was soon realised when our son was born. But his birth also signalled the time our lives changed completely, never to return to the bright, beckoning future we dreamed about.

When our son was a mere five days old, my husband started suffering from terrible migraines. From that day forward, excruciating pain and other harrowing symptoms plagued his every waking moment. We held on for three months, experiencing many ups and downs health wise, and then finally went for an MRI scan. That was the day we came face to face with the nemesis behind all the symptoms: a brain tumour my husband jokily nicknamed “Die Sprinkaan” (The Grasshopper). After the scan and the realisation of what we were dealing with, everything suddenly became centred on “Die Springkaan.” Having a brain tumour is no joke. Every day brought new devastating symptoms, such as loss of vision, hearing and movement and deteriorating speech. The headaches and random pains in his body were excruciating. He was nauseas all the time and vomited profusely. He soon lost his appetite and became sensitive to noise. With each passing day, the list of symptoms grew. Our live became frantic—to say the least.

Yet regardless of our dire circumstances, God was there, taking us by the hand and guiding our every step. We lived in a world filled with miracles every day. During this time, we took our first steps towards learning how to nurture all three parts of our being—spirit, soul and body—to become whole and healed. I have to admit we are still learning every day.

On 24 April 2016, my and my son’s life changed once again as my beloved husband and my son’s irreplaceable father left for a permanent residence in the heavenly realm. Our hearts shattered into a million pieces and we didn’t know if we would ever be able to put the shattered bits back together again.

That is, however, the point where this site and the idea of sharing our lives with others started to take form. God began healing our broken hearts and He opened my eyes to see how many people remain shattered and bleeding many years after the loss of a loved one—never to heal again. He gently started me on a journey of sharing how He had helped us heal after the loss of my husband. I eventually wrote the book A Guided Journal: Healing the Broken Hearted. I also began sharing what we had learned during the time of my husband’s illness—knowledge and experience involving essential oils and the spiritual world. While my husband was ill, God prompted me to start learning about essential oils and their tremendous value in easing the symptoms of a number of illnesses. Our first encounter was with lovely Lavender, which helped us calm down. The comforting balm also soothed my husband’s throbbing head. As time went by, my list of oils grew and continues to grow to this day as God still leads me to learn about another wonderful plant which He created before time, knowing His children would one day need it to lighten the burdens of disease aromatically. I invite you to come on a journey with me, a journey where heaven meets earth.


As I spent time with our son one day playing outside under the giant trees with their canopy of emerald leaves, a name suddenly popped into my head: Heaven’s Dew. The name later evolved into Heavenly Dew. The name reminded me of a refreshing splash of water or a revitalising moment where God touches a broken heart with His love and it starts back to life. I remember peering out at the lush, green pastures surrounding us and thinking about how dew drops hang from grass stalks in the early morning. I was reminded of waking up early in summer for a reprieve from the hot, humid days to walk barefoot on the cool grass with the drops of dew caressing my feet. Dew may only be a tiny bead of moisture, but I choose to see the little drop of water as filled with life. Yet for life to come from a drop of dew, it has to break open and spill itself onto its surroundings. If it is not absorbed by the roots of a plant, no life will come from it and it will simply evaporate in the heat of the day and disappear again—as quickly as it appeared. However, when that tiny drop of moisture reaches the roots, it brings life and life in abundance. To me, this is the essence of life.

God forms each of us like a perfect dew drop. Yet at certain points in our lives, it feels like He lets go of us, allowing us to crash to the ground to fall on the perfect spot which He created for us. To our amazement, He never leaves our side, but rather enables us to take another stand in our lives, one in which He slowly but surely helps us to open up and let Him fill us. Once we are broken by a gentle press of His heart, we fall and splatter, thinking nothing good can come from us anymore. But this is actually the moment of pure exhilaration, where He firmly plants us to be sucked in by His loving roots, making us part of Him—He in us and us in Him. After this planting, we continue to grow into His image to ultimately display a majestic blossom for all to see and be drawn to His beauty reflected in us. All of this only needs one drop of Heavenly Dew…for in Him, we are HIS.

This is the essence of this website. Our prayer is that the tools you find here—the books, the essential oils and many others—will be for you like a refreshing dew drop bringing restoration to body, soul and spirit.

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