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Breathing in Thankfulness

Thankfulness - Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend Our lives are often so filled with running from one task to the next appointment and on to the next responsibility that our minds are even harder at work than our legs. We toss and turn at night because we simply cannot get our thoughts to [...]

Breathing in Thankfulness2020-03-08T17:45:15+00:00

Drifting Off in Patience

Patience - Sleep Time Essential Oil Blend Drifting off to sleep is a daunting task for many. Many of us lay awake night after night in the deep darkness, simply tossing and turning. I have spent many sleepless nights wishing I could drift off. Every single night of sleeplessness echoes through the next [...]

Drifting Off in Patience2020-03-08T17:49:40+00:00

Joy Increasing

Joy - Cheerful Essential Oil Blend Joy... Just when you seem to grab hold of it, it’s gone as quickly as it came! How are we ever to find lasting joy? The world offers so many bandages for our joylessness, yet it offers no cure. Is there even a route to happiness or [...]

Joy Increasing2020-03-08T17:53:44+00:00

Trusting Peace

Peace - Relaxing Essential Oil Blend Stress and anxiety are two words we hear constantly as our world continues to spin out of control. We battle stress every day and fret anxiously over all our worries, cares and concerns. Yet we tend to forget God’s kind words in Matthew 6:26–34. Take a moment [...]

Trusting Peace2020-03-08T17:58:28+00:00

The Presence of Love

Love - Wellness Essential Oil Blend His love is deep. It is a never ending well from which we can draw all we need at any time. As Yeshua sat down next to the Samaritan woman in John 4, His whole being screamed love. She was astonished at how another human being could [...]

The Presence of Love2020-03-08T18:01:45+00:00