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My first step when pondering essential oil blends was to scour the internet for research. I had just started, when I felt Holy Spirit gently nudging me to stop. I obeyed His nudging, but wondered as to His reason. I was, after all, busy with what I truly felt God wanted me to do—creating blends I could use and make available to others. I turned my attention to Him, asking why I had to stop. He replied, saying, “Do YOU want to decide on the oils going into the blends or would you like My help?”

I realised that I had once again taken over the work He had given me and simply forgot that He wanted to be part of every aspect of everything in our lives. He doesn’t just want to be a boss handing out orders. He wants to be a faithful friend. I immediately asked for His forgiveness and asked if He would be willing to help me. That is where our journey started. I would think about one of the blends and out of nowhere, a specific oil would pop into my mind. I would often wonder whether that particular oil would work in the blend, only to discover through research that the oil was indeed a perfect match. In time, the Holy Spirit gave me the “recipe” for each blend. Fittingly, each blend is named for the nine fruit of His Spirit.

As I worked to develop each oil blend, He took me on a journey of getting to know Him better and to see His involvement in our daily lives more clearly. I journaled the journey He took me on so that you would be able to follow and embark on your own journey with Him, entering the heavenly realms, since Yeshua has opened the way for us back to the heart of the Father.

Inhaling the fragrance and engraving it into your memory every time you use a particular oil will help you build a strong memory bank from which you will be able to make a withdrawal when needed. It is almost like thinking about peeling an orange—only to experience the smell, taste and feel of the ripe orange fresh in your mind. The same holds true for the oils. Breathe in their delightful scent and remember your journey with Him!

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