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Welcome to the To Behold” Health Coaching program

I believe that change is possible and everyone has the capacity to live the life they dream of! Are you tired of being in the same spot in life where you have been before? And trying to change, but it simply never lasts? Look no further!

You have come to the right place, and the right time for you to make a lasting change is now. Simply book a free ‘start your journey’ session with me by following this link, and find out how you can be helped. It is as easy as that – no strings attached. (Coaching is offered in Afrikaans or English).

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My name is Mari-Louise, and I would love to work with you! I am a qualified health coach, mom, essential oil- and- all things natural- enthusiast. My vision as health coach is to equip my clients to find life within themselves through coaching and health education. I started my own journey into health in the year 2015…..At the end of 2014 my husband and I were blessed to welcome our first newborn son into the world. At 3 months of age, we welcomed yet another member into our family, however, this new member was unwanted and unasked for – a brain tumour in my husband’s brain whom we nicknamed “die Sprinkaan”.

We immediately turned our attention to adapting our lifestyle as best as possible: it wasn’t that difficult to switch to a healthier lifestyle as we had clear motivation to do so!! We were aware of ‘die Sprinkaan’ on a daily basis, with all the signs and symptoms it caused, and we wanted to do all we could, to get away from it. In 2016 our lives changed yet again as my husband left this earth and we became a family of two – mom and son.

I continued my search for health and completed my Master’s degree with the focus on the use of essential oils. I furthered my studies even more to incorporate “Health coaching” as I came to realize that making changes for health was more difficult when you didn’t have a definite disease on your doorstep. This is where I found health coaching  offered effective keys for helping you pause and explore your life, decide on what you want and how you want to accomplish it, by using a holistic, tailor made approach, and then as a key ingredient a knowledgeable accountability partner. With all this at hand, you are sure to accomplish the steps you set out for!


Book your free session
Book your free session


Book your free session
Book your free session
HEalth Coaching


Get Going!

This is a lovely option to kick-start your health and wellness journey. Knowing what you want, and where you are heading, but needing the motivation and detailed steps to reach your goals? Then this is the program for you, to help you prioritize your needs.

Duration: 4 weeks
(must be completed in 6 weeks).


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Grow Yourself

You are ready to take your health and overall wellbeing to the next step. You know change is needed, and you are done with staying where you’re at. You want to change and are ready to move forward one step at a time with expert advice to make sure you reach your ultimate goal.

Duration: 6 weeks
(must be completed in 8 weeks).


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A NEw Journey Begins

Tired of where you are in life? Wanting to make changes that will last a lifetime, and finally reach the life you have been dreaming about? Come on an in-depth discovery of yourself and your health! Learn how to make healthy changes for your new life and never look back to the life you left behind.

Duration: 8 weeks
(must be completed in 10 weeks).


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All packages include the following in a different level of depth according to the program: a tailor-made approach to meet your health needs, dietary advice, in-depth exploration of your own needs and wants, carefully weekly formulated actions to reach your goals, exploring appropriate tools to equip you to reach your goals, learn how to listen to your body with regards to eating and hunger, identifying some food intolerances, finding activities that nourishes your body, soul and spirit, get exercise into your daily routine, finding enjoyable exercises, identifying areas of your life that needs attention, decide what is next on your personal journey, and so much more!

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