A Guided Journal, “Healing the Broken Hearted”


One sudden evening my husband left this earth for an eternal heavenly dwelling after a spiritual and physical fight against cancer. I sat next to a hospital bed holding my beloved husband’s hand for one last time. In that instance a new journey started for me – a journey of healing and getting to know God again. I felt completely empty, desolate and most of all I felt abandoned by God. How could a loving God and one I had known to be a God of miracles let my husband die? Why did it happen to us? What about all the promises of life we had from God? Who is God and will I ever be able to heal from all this pain in my heart?

This book is my journey but it is also the journey of every other fellow believer. We all go through trials and suffering on this earth and at some point in life, we all stand with our broken hearts before our Heavenly Father. I can testify that He is the healer who can mend any broken heart and answer all questions. I asked God that my pain and healing would not be for my own but will be for the guidance of others as well. From this prayer God placed in my heart the dream to put my journey into words and thus this book was born. No matter your pain, He is waiting for you to come and journey with Him. Pick up this book and start the journey with Him…