Predan: The story behind the scenes



This is the real-life story of a man who willingly chose to follow God’s path and plan for His life. Predan’s story, though filled with testimonies of many battles and victories, is first and foremost about his trusting relationship with the living God. The summary of his life story comes from his testimony of reliance on God’s greatness and omnipotence. Just in illustration: one day, faced with yet another time of difficulty, and this time it was his son’s life on the line, Predan called out in faith-filled dependence and prayer: “My life, God. My son’s life, God.” Predan’s life testimony is about a man whose faith was strong. It grew through each trial and in every day. Predan was steadfast in the knowledge that God was with him.

For us, each of us facing various trials and tribulations, we have the opportunity to face them with a sense of victory. Not in our own strength and independence, but in dependence and relationship with the King of Kings. And therefore, may you be encouraged to endure through your time of greatest need, and to do so through: FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. Knowing then too, that the greatest of these is His Love for you!